Developing New Builds Across The UK in 2019 With RM Cylinders

New Builds in 2019 With RM Cylinders With new builds on the constant rise, developers are thrilled the heating & hot water industry will continue to boom in 2019.   Developers contiusiosly look to build with high energy efficiency ratings combined with reliable industry leading heating and hot water solutions.   Understanding the needs of developing new builds to the highest standard is something RM Cylinders apply to each development. Providing heating solutions that are reliable, industry leading and developed to exceed customer  satisfaction [...]

RM Cylinders Launch Industry Leading SmartPlumb Compact

Uk's Leading Manufacturer Provides Latest Solution For The Heating & Plumbing Industry   SmartPlumb Compact Launch Over the past year we have been working in line with today’s modern advancements to provide our customers of the heating and plumbing industry with the solution of our newest product. With new builds and home renovations on the constant rise, the markets dynamics today are changing on how home owners and installers visualise a complete integrated solution. Here at RM Cylinders we find solutions to meet all [...]

Looking for a Hot Water Cylinder? Try the Stelflow Range

The Stelflow Range from RM Cylinders We've been working, over the years, to bring together the best technology and manufacturing practices, creating the most up to date cylinders available. Our Stelflow range has grown to include storage up to 1000 litres, making it one of the most adaptable unvented cylinder groups on the market. Whether you rely on gas, oil or electricity, there is a Stelflow option for you. We also build cylinders to work with solar power and other [...]