Free Snickers Jacket with RM Intercyl Cylinders

Free Snickers Jacket with RM Intercyl Cylinders

New Promotion from RM Cylinders

We’ve launched our latest promotion. With every Intercyl cylinder purchased, we’re giving installers a free Snickers Softshell Jacket.  All you need to do is visit our Promotion Page to register for yours.

About Intercyl Cylinders

RM Intercyl cylinders are becoming first choice for performance and energy efficiency, when it comes to hot water production.

The InterCyl brings together all the highest specifications RM Cylinders offer and puts them all into one unit, from the 100% stainless steel thermostat pockets, right through to the extremely efficient coil in coil heat exchanger. Further proof of our continued research, development and implementation can be seen in the performance and heat loss of this unit.

The InterCyl has been engineered and designed to benefit all sectors of the market, not only will the internal expansion save space & time for the one off installer, but its quality and excellent unit specifications will appeal to the larger contractor and any budget conscious house builder. Of course space is always an issue when trying to optimise any installation and when developing the InterCyl cylinder we were conscious about trying to save as much space as possible. We erradicated the need for the expansion vessel – the largest component outside the cylinder.

The InterCyl has not only been developed as a standard 545mm diameter unit, but has also as a 475mm slimline model to further reduce the space required for the installation of an Unvented cylinder.

As with all RM products the InterCyl is built using only quality materials and state of the art processes,
which means it is built to last. All InterCyl vessels come with a 25 Year Guarantee and are finished off
and supplied with industry leading valves and components. All units are manufactured using high
quality duplex stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.

How to Claim Your Free Snickers Jacket

If you buy an RM Intercyl Cylidner, you are eligible to avail of the promotion (while stocks last). To claim your free Snickers softshell jacket, just visit our Promotion Page to register for the offer.

About RM Cylinders

We make and distribute both unvented cylinders and 21st century vented copper cylinders. From our Aquastel stainless steel open vented cylinder, to our Stelflow unvented range, we’re bringing traditional storage systems up to date with 21st century materials. Our Intercyl range is also fast becoming the choice for energy efficiency and cost-conscious consumers.

If you’re a contractor or home owner looking for the best advice on the best cylinders, you can contact us using our online form or you can email: You can also phone us on 01924 22 42 82 and one of our experts will be delighted to chat to you.




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