Prostel Cylinders

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  • Direct Prostel Cylinder

    The Prostel Direct is a purpose made all electric unvented cylinder, designed for properties where gas or a boiler may not be present or feasible. The cylinder is heating soley using the supplied factory fitted immersion heaters in the side of the tank.

  • Indirect Prostel Cylinder

    The Prostel Indirect is the most popular unvented cylinder, built to work in conjunction with any indirect thermostatically controlled heat source such as a gas boiler. The exceptional value presented by our range of Prostel cylinders is unparalleled in the market place.

  • Twin Coil Prostel Cylinder

    The Prostel Twin Coil presents the opportunity to combine multiple heat sources into one unit, primarily designed to work with solar thermal the unit can also be upgraded with minimal additional components to accept two boiler inputs. The twin coil unit takes advantage of two heat exchangers for maximum performance, it is also even possible to link these two together to give one much larger heat exchanger coil.