Indirect Large Unvented

Indirect Large Unvented

Designed for the large domestic and light commercial market the Indirect Large Unvented extends RM’s product catalogue even further. Building on the same technology found in our smaller units the Indirect Large Unvented proves invaluable when large stores of water are necessary for the appplication.

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The RM Stainless large Unvented Indirect cylinder has been designed from the ground up to offer capacities beyond our standard range while keeping the core product the same. Built to suit large domestic and light commercial duties the product proves versatile enough for almost all situations where this is a call for large stores of Unvented Hot Water.

Because the core principals of the cylinder have been kept the same as our standard range, the installation procedures are exactly the same, meaning simple and straight forward installation. In addition RM have continued their customer commitment and the range comes complete with a 5 year guarantee, ensuring a long trouble free service and hot water for many years to come.

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