Solar Direct Slimline Cylinder

The Slimline Solar Direct gives those without any form of backup heating the chance to capitalise on the benefits of solar thermal without compromising on floor space, by providing 2 immersion heaters to back the solar thermal up and provide pacification everyone has the ability to take advantage of the suns energy.  Even at only 475mm in diameter the unit still features our high efficiency coil in coil heat exchanger for best in class performance.

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Measuring just 475mm in diameter the RM Slimline Solar Direct unit has been developed to give homeowners without gas boilers the opportunity to capitalise on Solar Thermal technologies. In the age of growing fuel bills the Slimline Solar Direct presents a real option to help save homeowners money and reduce their carbon footprint, thus safeguarding the future of the planet. Built to RM’s exacting standards the Solar Direct is a perfect off gas product, when installing solar thermal.

Kit Includes:

Product 150SI 180SI 210SI
Capacity 150L 180L 210L
Height (mm) 1430 1710 1920
Diameter (mm) 475 475 475
Weight Empty (kg) 47 53 55
Weight Full (kg) 193 228 261
Indirect Reheat (mins) 18 22 24
Immersion Reheat (mins) 108 130 151
Heat Exchanger (kW) 16.2 18.4 21
Solar Volume (L) 80 100 116
Standing Loss (kWh/day) 1.6 1.9 2.16
ErP Band C C C
Product 150SI 180SI 210SI
Cold Inlet 162 162 162
Bottom Coil 269 269 344
Stat Pocket 324 324 444
Immersion 1 309 309 384
Immersion 2 905 1082 1244
Secondary Return - - 1665
T&P Valve 1262 1527 1739