About Us

Who are we?

RM Cylinders has been built on the foundation of many years’ worth of experience within the hot water industry. Having seen over the years what works and what does not we have built an incredible manufacturing system that brings together the best of what we know. The result is a class leading company with an extensive range of quality products and a research and development department bristling with new ideas and bringing to market cutting edge products.

Customer Focus with Expertise

As hot water cylinder and water heating specialists we support our customers by developing a deep understanding of market trends and consumer needs supplying a range of hot water cylinders for all situations.

We distribute our products throughout the UK via plumbing and building merchants. We support our valued customers with an extensive nationwide network of technical sales representatives to ensure products have an after sale service.

RM’s team of Technical Sales Representatives work closely with merchants and installers to provide expert ranging advice.  Their responsibility and involvement within the process encompasses sales and after sales service which we believe ensures customers receive the expert advice required to ensure our products satisfies that project.

Quality Control

RM Cylinders focuses on ensuring that all products meet or exceed safety and performance standards to ensure our product will meet both consumer specification requirements and expectations.

To do so we have internal Quality Assurance (QA) processes to ensure these objectives are met, these include:
Technical team with expertise in categories to oversee:

  • Product specification and testing
  • Regulatory compliance and auditing

Product Development & Design

RM Cylinder’s R&D team undertake a wide variety of design and product development work.  In some cases, we design new product from ground up investing in design, tooling and approvals; and in other cases, we modify specification on products – but always with the focus on the product being suited to meet the market requirements in terms of performance and affordability.

Customer Services and Distribution

We have a dedicated team of Customer Service representatives who are continually trained in our product and marketing developments.
We aim to provide personal and timely service to customers daily orders and enquiries. Whilst we have Key Performance Indicators to ensure we do provide the highest level of service; our customer service mantra is simple:

  • Make sure every call is answered promptly and professionally
  • Make sure all orders are processed with 100% accuracy and timeliness and product dispatched on the advised date. Should a date change, then the customer is advised.
  • Make sure every enquiry is handled personally and promptly, and most importantly is resolved.

After Sales Service & Warranty

We have a dedicated after sales service team reflecting the importance of continuing high service levels for our products in the field.
Our after-sales service team supports our customers by:

  • Comprehensive warranty policies on all products.
  • Service Engineers throughout the UK to assist with on-site issues
  • In-house Technical Service Team
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