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As with all RM products the InterCyl is built using only quality materials and state of the art processes, which means it is built to last. All InterCyl vessels come with a 25 Year Guarantee and are finished off and supplied with industry leading valves and components. All units are manufactured using high quality duplex stainless steel for maximum strength and corrosion resistance.

Product Range

InterCyl Direct
Cyclone Air Direct - Intercyl

InterCyl Direct

The Intercyl Direct, like the rest of the Stelflow products, has been carefully developed and purpose built to exacting standards. Designed to offer hot water in properties where auxiliary heat sources are not present the Direct operates using electric to power the inbuilt 3kW immersion heaters. When other heat sources are not present the InterCyl Direct is the perfect and obvious choice.

InterCyl Indirect
intercyl Indirect

InterCyl Indirect

The Intercyl Indirect is the mainstay of the Stelflow catalogue. Installed time and time again the unit is a competent and reliable companion for any standard boiler. The high efficiency, quick recovery coil make this cylinder perfect for even the busiest homes, ensuring long lasting hot water stores in a unit that has been built to last.

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