Developing New Builds Across The UK in 2019 With RM Cylinders


New Builds in 2019 With RM Cylinders

With new builds on the constant rise, developers are thrilled the heating & hot water industry will continue to boom in 2019.

Developers contiusiosly look to build with high energy efficiency ratings combined with reliable industry leading heating and hot water solutions.

Understanding the needs of developing new builds to the highest standard is something RM Cylinders apply to each development. Providing heating solutions that are reliable, industry leading and developed to exceed customer  satisfaction is something RM Cylinders stand by.


Working with new build developments for many years supplying hot water solutions has made RM Cylinders a trusted partner when it comes to developing new builds in 2019.

Leaders in the heating and hot water solution industry have supplied the nation with complete heating and hot water solutions. RM Cylinders manufacture industry leading hot water cylinders. From vented hot water cylinders to unvented hot water cylinders RM Cylinders can supply a versatile variety of hot water cylinders.

RM Cylinders are a class leading manufacturer of high quality water water storage solutions. Our products span many different applications and requirements giving a truly flexible line up to meet the demands of all domestic and light commercial installations.

RM Hot Water Cylinders For New Builds

RM Unvented cylinders benefit from state of the art manufacturing processes and the highest quality stainless steel designed specially for the purpose of hot water storage vessels.

Our extensive range of product lines and specifications means there is an RM Unvented Cylinder for every application.

With a wide range of hot water cylinders such as RM Cylinders slimline hot water cylinder, horizontal hot water cylinder, RM large unvented hot water cylinders to name a few. Along with our leading Aquastel, Stelflow, Homeflow and Prostel hot water cylinder range provides customers with a range of heating solutions for new builds in 2019.

Why RM Cylinders For 2019 New Build Development?

RM Cylinders have been market leaders in the heating and hot water industry for more than 10 years. With the experience and knowledge to manufacture hot water cylinders to the highest standard RM Cylinders is an obvious choice when it comes to new developments in 2019.

Our initial product offering of open vented copper cylinders has quickly been complemented by the readily accepted addition of the Aquastel stainless steel open vented cylinder, bringing traditional storage systems up to date with 21st century materials.

In the Unvented storage sector, our popular Stelflow range of cylinders has grown to include storage up to 1000 litres providing an enhanced compatibility in water storage not only with gas, oil, and electricity but also with the growing market of solar & other renewables.

Specified demand of the Homeflow, an unvented storage cylinder specifically designed to meet the exacting needs of the new build sector has gratifyingly exceeded our forecasts.

Our latest emphasis has been on our service capabilities. RM Cylinders have built its reputation by not only manufacturing leading heating and hot water cylinders, but also providing first class service to accommodate customers.

We appreciate that in today’s society consumer demands and expectations are very high. We will continually strive to improve our service to meet these demands. Working with RM Cylinders, you can be satisfied and confident that you are investing in a brand that delivers on its promises.

Our dedicated technical sales team is available to offer you a professional and dedicated service with a reliable supply chain along with competitive pricing for any project.

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